Terra Global Capital

Terra Global Capital

Terra Global was founded in 2006 to facilitate market and results-based payment approaches for forest and agriculture climate change mitigation programs that provide community benefits. Terra Global is now the leader in forest and agriculture program development, land-use greenhouse gas quantification, and finance, providing technical expertise and investment capital to their global client base in a collaborative and innovative manner. Terra Global brings multi-disciplinary strengths including in agriculture, forestry, and climate change mitigation and has the largest globally diverse pipeline of projects and programs.

Terra Global advises on structuring and implementing institutional arrangements and financing structures for forest and agriculture mitigation activities. Its approach to structuring is founded on equitable alignment of incentives and rewards to all stakeholders. Commercialization support includes:

·        Developing capacity and providing technical support for the commercialization of REDD+ programs working with local partners under multiple tenure schemes

·        Creating financial modeling tools required to quantify financing requirements

·        Building cost estimates for emission reduction validation and verification

·        Deploying aggregation entities that, i) secure carbon rights, ii) define participant’s roles, iii) specify governance, funds management and benefit sharing structures, iv) attract new sources of finance

·        Establishment of investment entities required for private investments

·        Structuring terms for private investments and emission reduction transactions

·        Designing and managing due diligence

·        Execution of risk mitigation instruments, including OPIC political risk insurance

Terra Global also provides technical support to governments to attract new sources of REDD+ finance, and to participate in emissions markets and results-based programs. Its work is tailored to support governments at various levels of REDD+ readiness and to achieve each country’s specific priorities. 

Focus countries within AFR100: Republic of Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique


Financial Planning for National REDD+ Programs

Carbon Accounting Methodology for Project Activities that Reduce Emissions from Mosaic Deforestation and Degradation

Contact: Leslie Durschinger, Founder, Managing Director, leslie.durschinger@terraglobalcapital.com


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