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A Journey to Eradicate Poverty and Deforestation in Cameroon

The destruction of forests and natural habitats in Cameroon has significantly damaged the environment. Blessed Action for Africa is reversing this damage by restoring ecosystems while improving the lives of local communities.

Foreign companies heavily exploited Cameroon’s eastern region, destroying the ecosystem by cutting down forests in search for minerals. This resulted in the destruction of the forest. Without vegetation to lock the soil in place, heavy rains flooded farmers’ fields, destroying crops and the livelihoods of local people.

Blessed Action for Africa was founded in August 2010 to fight poverty and climate change in Cameroon. Their goal is to protect the environment and rebuild animal habitats, restore soil and critical watersheds, and improve the lives of communities who rely on forests.

The organisation empowers farmers through training on agroforestry, seed care, and planting techniques and educating them on protecting the environment from degradation and deforestation.

Blessed Action for Africa collaborates with various local leaders and organizations including the local mayor, village leaders, religious leaders, women and youth associations. These collaborations advocate for the environment in the Congo Basin and educate the public by hosting public climate marches. 

The organisation received funding from TerraFund for AFR100, an initiative of World Resources Institute, One Tree Planted, and Realize Impact that finances Africa's top restoration enterprises and projects. Blessed Action for Africa’s  Reforestation Project Of 200,000 Fruit Trees In Mabangai aims to combat desertification, restore degraded soils, and stabilize the climate, through growing 200,000 trees with local people.

Starting with their 60,000 - seedling nursery, Blessed Action for Africa plans to plant thousands of fruit trees, benefiting 7,000 people across ten villages. Their long-term goal is to spread their knowledge to Central Africa and the rest of the continent, promoting a sustainable and harmonious coexistence between people and nature. 

Blessed Action for Africa's efforts serve as a positive example for other regions facing similar environmental challenges. Their focus on agroforestry, community involvement, and partnerships demonstrates the importance of collaborative, sustainable solutions for conservation and poverty reduction.