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The Plant-for-the-Planet children and youth initiative was launched in January 2007. After 13 years, Plant-for-the-Planet stands for many successfully implemented global planting projects to fight the global climate crisis. As trusted heirs of the Billion Tree Campaign started by Kenian Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Wangari Maathai and the UNEP, the children and youth of Plant-for-the-Planet have a concrete and easy to implement answer to the climate crisis: planting trees.

Since 2008, 88,000 children have been empowered as Climate Justice Ambassadors at 1,500 Academies in 74 countries. The Ambassadors gave thousands of speeches and keep motivating people, governments and companies to plant trees. Further, Plant-for-the-Planet owns and restores 22,500 ha degraded land on the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico, where it set up tree nurseries and employs >100 local workers, planting more than 5000 trees per day.

Plant-for-the-Planet has been founded by digital natives and is convinced that in line with the AFR100 Initiative, the SDGs and the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration there is an enormous need to scale up tree planting efforts and involve private individuals as well as companies and governments to reach 1 trillion trees by 2030.

Therefore in 2018 Plant-for-the-Planet launched the Trillion Tree Campaign which has been accompanied by the development of the Plant-for-the-Planet App, an interactive tool to facilitate tree planting all over the world.

Any tree planting project can register, and after a verification process, collect donations. Users can find their favorite project, donate for trees, gift trees, join competitions and register own trees.

The App is an open source platform, free of cost, creating transparency and trust for donors, enabling small and large tree planting organizations to generate funding globally without developing an own IT infrastructure and tracking tree planting efforts via a combined approach of on-ground measurements and satellite imagery.



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