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Seed to Carbon Forest Accelerator
Terraformation is dedicated to restoring the world's forests to stabilize our climate. The company partners with local forestry teams in Africa who are rebuilding native forest ecosystems, creating new livelihoods, and improving ecosystem services while restoring biodiversity. The Seed to Carbon Forest Accelerator, hosted by Terraformation, supports early-stage forestry teams to launch, build, and scale biodiverse reforestation projects that help communities thrive. The Accelerator provides access to funding, infrastructure like seed banks and nurseries, capacity building and training, and technology to set up projects for success. To date, Terraformation has partnered with projects in Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia. By focusing on local partners, Terraformation can work with teams who have deep knowledge of local ecosystems and plans for substantial community benefits. Terraformation also founded the East Africa Seed Network for Restoration (EASNR) to facilitate improved access to native seeds for restoration across Africa.