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F4F Comms Campaign

Justdiggit and Forest4Future- Inspiring Regreening Revolution through Communication

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Written by:
Yasmin Kamel
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AFR100 technical partners Justdiggit and the Forests4Future project of GIZ have formed a collaboration to promote Forest Landscape Restoration efforts in Togo, Madagascar & Ethiopia through a comprehensive communication campaign. 

Under the Forests4Future program, Justdiggit provided support to the local implementing team and political partners in executing various communication strategies to amplify the impact of the AFR100 and the Forests4Future project in project areas and beyond. These communication campaigns included movie roadshows, radio programs, murals, billboards, and journalist trainings in all three countries. By utilizing these communication tools, both the local communities and those outside the project areas were informed, inspired and motivated to engage in regreening efforts. Through this campaign, hundreds of thousands of people were reached, leading to the expansion of forest and landscape restoration through increased awareness and community ownership of the regreening movement of AFR100.

Watch the movie roadshows below:

Ethiopia- Restoring Lake Chamo and regreening its highlands

Madagascar-Restoring land in Diana

Togo- Roots of Renewal



Yasmin Kamel