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Justdiggit is a non-profit organization that jump starts landscape restoration programs with a positive climate impact and creates a global social movement together with ambassadors, brands and media partners who jointly promote successful landscape restoration projects through campaigns, events, apps and music both offline and online.

On the program side, Justdiggit restores entire ecosystems using community-based water harvesting, FMNR, agro-forestry and climate resilient agriculture. On the social movement side, they create positive global on- and offline awareness campaigns and education programs to inspire, unite and activate an entire generation to restore our soils

Through their programs, they mean to restore the small water cycle in degraded ecosystems to contribute to regional cooling and more equally distributed rain. The program creates ‘no regret’-community projects focused on water, land and economic improvement, whilst impacting the regional climate.

Founded in The Netherlands in 2010, Justdiggit works with small local teams and are creating a major impact through a network of amazing local and international partners and dedicated volunteers. They have joined forces with several types of partners to ensure scale, local presence and consistency in their program development and campaigning work.”

Focus countries within AFR100: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Ethopia



- Introduction movie Justdiggit

- Rainmakers I

- Rainmakers II: Seeds of Change

- Follow the Wind

- Education film for Tanzanian farmers: Kisiki Hai

- The Justdiggit Story

- Rainmakers III: A Tanzanian Story

- Educational movie for farmers in Tanzania: Kisiki Hai II

- Justdiggit Raindance 2019 aftermovie

Campaign 2019:

- Global campaign

- 3D Animation

- 2D Animation

Project timelapse:

- Waterbunds regreening

- Waterbunds close up

- Kitirua


Educational movie Kisiki Hai