Successful Mangrove Restoration in Boeny, Madagascar

The restoration of degraded mangroves is one of the five priority restoration interventions through which Madagascar will implement its commitments to AFR100 and the Bonn Challenge. Mangroves play an undeniable role in the daily life of many Madagascans by providing important resources like firewood and fish products.

The Regional Directorate of the Environment, Ecology and Forests of the Boeny Region has carried out campaigns to preserve mangroves since 2012. Local communities have now carried out 328 hectares of mangrove restoration, leading to a considerable positive impact on fisheries, particularly on crabs, a major source of income.

To preserve the remaining mangroves and to restore those that have been destroyed, the government of Madagascar and the local population, with the support of German cooperation, has created a new framework for transferring technical management capacity to local communities. The restoration of mangroves is leading to community benefits including new organizational structures and increased participation in the fight against illegal logging and clearing.