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  • National FLR Committee and Dialog platform in place since beginning of 2016
  • National FLR Strategy published in early 2017
  • National ROAM study implemented in 2015
  • Stakeholder and capacity needs assessment implemented in 2016
  • Study on financial assessment and options was finalized in April 2017
  • Study on identification of FLR priority landscapes at national level finalized in March 2018
  • Training module for stakeholders on FLR finalized in June 2018

Restoration Commitment

Restoration Commitment: 
4 million hectares
Year Committed: 
Priority Interventions: 
  • Transform large areas of deforested and degraded lands into resilient and multifunctional ecosystems with the aim of improving local and national economy
  • Carbon sequestration
  • Improve food security and water supply
  • Protect biodiversity in forest ecosystems
Alignment with domestic targets: 
  • In accordance with the new energy policy of Madagascar (August 2015): energy wood is a central element for the supply of the rural population with affordable energy. For this purpose around 40.000 ha shall be reforested each year
  • In line with the revised forest policy; stopping/slowing down the degradation rate as well as increasing the forests surface are expected to form part of the new policy. Madagascar's commitment to the AFR100 is already mentioned in it as one of the strategic orientations.
  • Madagascar is currently developing its national REDD strategy (FCPF R-PP, July 2014), in which restoration opportunities are for example highlighted in terms of increasing carbon stocks through restoration.
Requested assistance from AFR100: 
  • National Strategy for FLR to provide economic, carbon, food and water and biodiversity benefits
  • Request for further information on financing mechanisms.
  • Exchange of information with countries already more advanced in FLR Need assistance in developing the national FLR strategy, including technical, organizational and financial aspects
  • The World Bank is a major donor
  • Project support from GIZ