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JustDiggit: A green Kuku & Amboseli

JustDiggit: A green Kuku & Amboseli

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This blog originally appeared on JustDiggit.

Recently, we were in Kenya again to see the long-term impact of our landscape restoration projects in the Kuku Group Ranch and the Amboseli National Park. The re-greening results, especially after the intense rain season, were spectacular!

Find out yourself by scrolling down and also watch the vlogs of one of the Justdiggit ambassadors who travelled with us to Kenya.

Kuku Group Ranch

Together with our partner Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust we have dug 73,000 water bunds, implemented multiple grass seed banks (that are still managed by Maasai women) and introduced a grazing management plan in the Kuku Group Ranch over the last couple of years. This all led to mind-blowing re-greening results:

Amboseli National Park

We also visited our projects in the Amboseli National Park, in which we work together with the African Conservation Centre (ACC) and the Amboseli Ecosystem Trust (AET). We already re-greened 800 hectares of land by re-introducing a traditional Maasai grazing management technique (also called ‘Olopololi Plots’) and implemented woodland exclosures to protect deforested areas from elephants. The wildlife and the local Maasai people benefit from the results of our re-greening projects:

Our ambassador Amara Onwuka in Kenya

Our ambassador and RTL weather presenter Amara Onwuka traveled with us, to see for herself how we make an impact with our projects. For the RTL Weekend Magazine she captured it in three inspirational vlogs (in Dutch). “It was wonderful to see the projects that Justdiggit is involved in. The effect is really visible, even though it is not complicated at all and can be applied in many places. It’s all about one thing: ensuring that trees, plants and crops can grow again, so that the earth cools down again.”