Enrichment planting in Kenya’s Buda complex and Shimba hills ecosystem

WWF is working with restoration champions in Kenya to plant over 35,000 indigenous/native tree species in degraded sites of main terrestrial forest blocks: i.e. Shimba hills forest reserve; Gongoni forest, Marenje, Dzombo, Marenje and Gonja. A total of 7,000 hectares of terrestrial and mangrove forests are targeted for restoration by the end of this IKI-funded project in 2022. The tree seedlings were sourced from community eco groups, youth groups and women groups. Community members benefited from the sale of seedlings. Funds received were used to improve nurseries improvement and contribute to school fees.

You can also read about WWF’s work with restoration champions in Kenya’s Gogoni Forest Conservation Group and Msambweni Beekeepers Association.