Cameroon and Madagascar embark on South-South exchange

On June 6, Malagasy delegates shared their experience with FLR with their Cameroonian counterparts via Skype. The talks mark the beginning of a South-South exchange platform between the two countries, facilitated by the African Union Development Agency (AUDA-NEPAD). Cameroon is in the process of formulating its national strategy on FLR, and it is in this context that GIZ is helping to translate the country’s international commitments into national policies.

Julien Noël Rakotoarisoa, National Focal Point of FLR from the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development in Madagascar, highlighted the need for a holistic approach to FLR. During the exchange, Cameroonian National FLR-focal point Christophe Bring and secretariat member Leonel Tadong asked Rakotoarisoa about all aspects of FLR in Madagascar. His advice for Cameroon was to widen its scope by looking beyond the goal of “just planting trees” to consider soil, water and biodiversity. This relationship is only beginning: In August, Madagascar will accompany the Cameroonian national FLR working group during the development of their national strategy.