South Africa

Restoration Commitment

Restoration Commitment: 
3.6 million hectares
Year Committed: 
Priority Interventions: 

• Water retention and landscape stability (erosion, combating desertification)

• Clearing sparse and dense stands of invasive plants and bush encroachment

• Re-vegetation

• Soil and donga rehabilitation and restoration

• Additional interventions to be determined through restoration opportunity assessments

Alignment with domestic targets: 

• 2030 Sustainable Development Goals

• Land Degradation Neutrality target

• Environmental programmes under the auspices of Expanded Public Works Programme

Example; Working for Ecosystems, Working for Water, Working for Land, Working for Wetlands, Working on Fire, Landcare and National Forestry programme.

Requested assistance from AFR100: 

• Both technical and financial support is required.

• Funding to implement transformative projects and programs

• Support for workshops and institutional arrangements to implement the AFR100

• Development/establishment of restoration targets

• Identifying other means of financial mechanisms/resources aimed at scaling up investment in landscape restoration

• Skills development and knowledge sharing

• Program and project investments

• Science and technology innovations (funding to conduct research)