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Oturam Regenerative Agriculture

Chris Davino
Executive Chairman
Sheryl Quail
Head of Africa Operations

Oturam Regenerative Agriculture is a US-based, for-profit enterprise delivering a vertically integrated platform operating system to enable regenerative, climate-smart agriculture to feed a growing population, restore landscapes, expand economic opportunities for farmers in developing countries, and to accelerate sustainable agriculture supply chains for regional and global trade.

The company is comprised of a consortium of best-in-class capabilities and resources in the areas of regenerative agriculture, food security, socio-economic development, soils technology, digital commerce, carbon measurement and certification, the carbon markets, and enterprise social networking - among others.

To deliver on our objectives, we have curated and bundled proven, market-leading agri-tech solutions and resources that, taken together, can immediately be deployed to Africa’s small farmers, the NGO’s and other organizations that support them, the multitude of stakeholders that comprise the economic value chains of agriculture - as well as the international research centers that provide critical resources, and governments and intra-governmental organizations that are designing national and inter-continental agri-policy.

While we’re providing an agri-tech solution, we’re not simply technologists. Our leadership team are world renowned regenerative agriculture and socio economic development practitioners - each with decades of experience operating in African and other developing world markets - where we have designed, developed and implemented some of the market’s most successful programmes.

Oturam is now undertaking its initial pilot programs, starting in Nigeria, with other markets, including Tanzania, Cameroon to follow soon.


Oturam Overview