NatureVest is the impact investment unit of The Nature Conservancy. NatureVest’s mission is to create and execute investable deals in a wide variety of sectors around the world that deliver conservation results and financial returns for investors. Its vision is based on the conviction that capital markets, businesses and governments must invest in nature as the long-term capital stock of a sustainable, equitable and more efficient economy. Its five business lines are:

  • Green Infrastructure for Stormwater Management in Cities
  • Water Markets for Conservation
  • Debt Restructuring for Climate Adaptation and Marine Conservation
  • Sustainable Agriculture for Habitat Conservation
  • Working Landscapes

To achieve this, NatureVest sources and structures investments that support the Conservancy’s mission, raise capital from investors looking to generate both financial returns and conservation outcomes, and share experience with the investment and conservation communities to accelerate the growth of the conservation impact investing marketplace. NatureVest partners with the Word Resources Institute on the New Restoration Economy—an initiative that works to make restoration commercially viable and capable of attracting investment. Consistent with NatureVest priorities, the New Restoration Economy seeks to foster an industry that can deliver compelling environmental and financial value.

Focus countries within AFR100: Kenya


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Contact: Justin Adams, Managing Director of Global Lands,

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