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Restoration Commitment

Restoration Commitment: 
1 million hectares
Year Committed: 
Priority Interventions: 
  • Support Liberia in the sustainable management of natural resources through increased vegetation cover to improve ecosystem services in degraded areas, increase rural income, and improve biodiversity richness.
  • Improve data and information sharing on land-use in Liberia to help inform larger land-use planning decisions through the Liberia Forest Atlas.
  • Contribute to the REDD+ program in Liberia through the restoration of degraded lands and supporting local livelihoods at the community level.
  • Supporting Liberia to meet its international commitments, particularly their adaptation goals in the INDC, and reducing emissions from deforestation and degradation.                                                                                                                                 
Alignment with domestic targets: 

As well as supporting international commitments such as their INDC and Bonn Challenge, Liberia is committed to a partnership with the government of Norway to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation and degradation, support sustainable development and foster progress towards REDD+. 

Requested assistance from AFR100: 
  •  Technical assessment, planning, implementation, priority setting, monitoring and financing 
  • Major donors are Norway, World Bank
  • Project support from WRI