Interactive database of FLR species in Madagascar

The Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development (MEDD) has developed an interactive database that provides information on tree species that can be used for FLR activities in Madagascar. The database is based on a guide developed for FLR in Madagascar. The guide and database aim to share experiences and know-how to a wide audience (e.g. partners, organizations etc.) working in restoration and to facilitate planning of future FLR projects.

Validation workshops of ROAM and the Bonn Challenge Barometer in Madagascar

Two virtual validation workshops on ROAM and the Barometer in Madagascar took place on July 28 and July 30, 2020. Both workshops aim to present and validate with stakeholders at national and regional level technical reports on ROAM (realized in the Northern Madagascar (DIANA Region) and North-East (Boeny Region)), and the Barometer in order to identify and monitor restoration in Madagascar and progress towards the country’s commitment.