Financing community-led restoration in Burkina Faso

In Burkina Faso, people depend heavily on natural resources: grasslands for their livestock, freshwater and rain for their crops, non-timber forest products for food, plants for medicines, and firewood for cooking. But these natural resources are under pressure from the changing climate and its symptoms: erratic rains, high temperatures, increasing dryness, poor and easily degraded soils. 

To address these daunting problems in Burkina Faso and the rest of the Sahel, local people are banding together to restore forests, farms, and pasture into healthy and fertile landscapes where local communities and ecosystems coexist.

Between 2018 and 2022, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO) is working within the three rural municipalities of Bani, Coalla and Yamba. About 500 hectares in each municipality will be restored under the leadership of local communities and governments, which the country’s national government has empowered to manage natural resources. 

With support from national agencies and technical partners, the budgets of these three municipalities are now being structured to directly fund forest and landscape restoration, sustainable land management and green jobs and livelihoods. Now, the governments are integrating those financial allocations into their annual investment plans. 

The project is also spreading knowledge about restoration at the national and regional levels and is exploring techniques to monitor and evaluate progress over time. The project leads expect that the positive impact of the project will increase private finance for sustainable landscapes in Niger and across the Sahel.

This project is part of a larger $2 million USD program funded by the French Facility for Global Environment.

Project Size: 
500 hectares each in Bani, Coalla and Yamba municipalities by 2022
$2 million USD
Focal Point: 

National FAO focal point: Damas Poda,

Forest and Landscape Restoration Mechanism (FLRM) focal point: Christophe Besacier, and Faustine Zoveda,