Democratic Republic of the Congo

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Restoration Commitment

Restoration Commitment: 
8 million hectares
Year Committed: 
Priority Interventions: 
  • Restoration of deforested and degraded ecosystems
  • Improvement of economic activities
  • Food security
  • Resilience and adaptive capacity of population to climate change
  • Landscape restoration in sustainable development projects, climate financing opportunities, as well as viable long term restoration projects
  • National documents which integrate restoration of degraded landscape components
Alignment with domestic targets: 
  • International commitments on climate and sustainable development
  • National programme on the environment, forests, water and biodiversity (PNEFEB-2) formulated in 2011 which forms the guiding strategic document on natural resource management.
  • The Central Africa Forest Initiative (CAFI) under which it aims to reduce the loss of forest cover from the current 300,000 ha/year to 200,000 ha/year by 2020.
  • Four programmes will focus on key needed reforms on land use planning and a related national land use scheme
  • A tenure policy to better secure tenure in the rural sector
  • Investments will enhance existing actions at the provincial and territorial level in high deforestation REDD+ areas (Oriental province and Sud Ubangui province) where local communities and territorial entities will be supported to sustainably manage and use resources
Requested assistance from AFR100: 
  • Publish results of ROAM assessment
  • Analyze landscape change dynamics
  • Project preparation
  • Regional meeting on FLR successes
  • Roundtable on financing
  • The World Bank is a major donor
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