CPF Conference: Working across Sectors to Halt Deforestation


This international conference, organized by the Collaborative Partnership on Forests, will bring together a wide range of stakeholders to discuss the challenges of halting and reversing deforestation and to jointly explore ways to accelerate progress towards achieving in particular the SDG Target 15.2 and Target 1.1 of the UNSPF.

The main objectives of the conference are to:


Climate Change through the Gender Lens: Focus on Africa


The Gender Summit - Africa in Kigali is 14th in the series but the second in Africa. It is led by African Institute for Mathematical Sciences, in partnership with science institutions across Africa. It builds on the discussions and recommendations from the first Gender Summit – Africa in Cape Town in 2015 and advances the institutional collaborations started then, and in particular the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Networks and the Next Einstein Forum.


Second Annual AFR100 Partnership Conference

Second Annual AFR100 Partnership Conference: Niamey, Niger

The AFR100 Annual Partner Meeting will take place from September 26-27 in Niamey, Niger.

The meeting will bring together leadership from the Government of Niger, AFR100 focal points from 23 partner countries, restoration champions, private sector operators, and technical partners from around the world.

The Partner Meeting and associated events will:


AFR100.org: Celebrating commitments to restore more than 75 million hectares of land across Africa


This press release was prepared by the NEPAD Agency for the launch of these web pages on May 18, 2017. 

Johannesburg, May 18 – The African Forest Landscape Restoration Initiative (AFR100) launched a new web platform today – AFR100.org – to celebrate and advance the efforts of 22 African countries that have committed to restore more than 75 million hectares of degraded and deforested land.

Forest and Landscape Investment Forum

Forest and Landscape Investment Forum: Kigali, Rwanda

More information about this two-day event running from Tuesday 16 to Wednesday 17 May 2017 can be found here.


African Landscapes Dialogue

African Landscapes Dialogue: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

More information about this four-day event running from Monday 6 to Thursday 9 March 2017 can be found here.


Produce knowledge to restore degraded natural resources


[ADDIS ABABA] Generating sufficient scientific knowledge to restore degraded lands is critical in Africa because the continent largely depends on land and other natural resources for socioeconomic development, experts say.

AFR100 Regional Conference, 11-12 October 2016


The NEPAD Agency and its partners (BMZ, WRI and World Bank) of the African Forest Landscape Restoration Initiative (AFR 100) held the First Regional Conference of the AFR100 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The two-day regional conference was graced by H.E Ato Kebede Yimam Dawd, Minister of Environment, Forest & Climate Change of the Republic of Ethiopia and Ms. Wanjira Mathai co-chair of the Global Restoration Council.



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